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Friday, October 29, 2010

When the moon hits your eye like a big PIZZA pie...

That's amore!
Exactly what I felt when that huge pizza pie in the form of the Quattro Stagioni hit me here at Morgantina (formerly La Dolce Vita.)  In the middle of Las Pinas, the place seems unlikely but as you enter, it's completely like an Italian trattoria from the interiors to the inexpensive yet filling food. 

I wrote a full review about it on a local restaurant review site.
And this is just what my review said:
It was quite surprising to find an authentic Italian restaurant in the middle of Las Pinas since most Italian restaurants are usually in the Alabang area.

Morgantina, formerly called La Dolce Vita, is actually owned by Italians. The place itself is unlikely and the outside does not look like a restaurant. Inside though, the furnishing and interiors look a little bit modest but the "homey" and casual comfort style looks like an authentic Italian trattoria, complete with tourist photos of old Italy and Sicily on its walls.

You can see the brick oven within the dining area and can see for yourself that the pizza is cooked in the old brick oven style. This is why old favorites like Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheese) and Quattro Stagioni pizzas have a delectable and crispy crust, as evidence from the pizzas being hand-tossed and cooked in this oven.

What's most astounding here is the food. I can tell it's authentic Italian pasta when it's served with minced tomatoes as sauce and only the spices of pepper and oregano would dominate your tongue instead of the tangy after taste of tomato paste. Every pasta is cooked completely al dente which you may not find in mainstream Italian restaurant. That's because the menu was designed by the Italian chefs and owners. If they did not cook the food themselves, they manage the place and you will see them walking around doing a quality check on the food the chefs they trained brought out.

My favorite pasta is always seafood so I always get the Vongole. If you must choose a pasta though, choose the ones with the red sauce so that you can actually taste good ol' trattoria goodness that's truly delizioso!

Also, don't go without getting the caramal panna cotta. The panna cotta is unlike the usual ones served in mainstream Italian or Mediterranean restaurants as this one has a harder consistency, but it is creamy and not too sweet this way.

I would say that Morgantina is such a great find! In its earlier months of operation, they even offered lunch buffets for PHP350 where they unleash all the great Italian cold cuts and well-cooked risottos! (The Italians love their meat so the cold cuts that include Italian ham and salami are not to be missed!) I just wish they could do that again. But nevertheless, it's a great thing for Las PInas residents to find an authentic trattoria right in the middle of the South! The food is great and the price is not that expensive. Great trade off for authentic Italian fare!


skysenshi said...

Wow! I want to try that! We have to go there one of these days. :D

auntielicious said...

Yes, we should! Sarap!!

strikervi said...

It's been a while since we ate there. Let's eat there. Raissa and Ikang sure would like to eat there again. I also like their vongole and pizza! Authentic!!

Aggieness said...

Sama ako! I am craving pizza in a big way... and that P350 buffet sounds like a great deal :)

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