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aunties, godmothers, friends who've got the greatest experiences caring for other people's children -- the ones that they didn't bring in this world, don't have to buy diapers for, and can return back to their parents once they do #2 -- and yet have the best time of their lives with these kids.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm a PANK!

I just recently learned that I'm a PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids), which is actually quite fun to know that I'm part of an influential market segment.  Somebody knew this all along and didn't tell me!

I found that on a site called Savvy Auntie, of whose founder (Melanie Notkin), is someone I can relate to.  Aunties usually get the stereotype of being the old unkempt lady who will die alone in her dilapidated house with her cats.  Things have clearly changed.  (Manolos have replaced the cats!)


MamaMia said...

haha! Okay to ah!

skysenshi said...

All our cousins, except for Mia and Aggie, will be PANKs. :D Love it!

auntielicious said...

PANKs and fabulous!!

strikervi said...

You and Matet may be PANK for a while but not so long!! And that means less than 2 years!! I claim that in Jesus Name!!

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