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aunties, godmothers, friends who've got the greatest experiences caring for other people's children -- the ones that they didn't bring in this world, don't have to buy diapers for, and can return back to their parents once they do #2 -- and yet have the best time of their lives with these kids.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just turning one!

Old classic photos of a picnic in Canada with my niece.  She was just turning one and a week right after was her birthday.  Just doing a collage of memories!  We went to the African lion safari here before the picnic.  Then a parade of elephants all linked together with their tails just walked by!  I thought that just happened in cartoons!

Captured via George Michael, my red Sony T5.  (Old, but I still like George Michael.)


MamaMia said...

Aww.... looks like Callista! :D Pretty Kaiea talaga.

Anonymous said...

Ooooohh! Cute Kaiea with Auntie Virna. Oya Leh

skysenshi said...

Ayan, I can comment na!! Mia is right in that she looks like Callista. So pretty! Go go post more, auntielicious!

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