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aunties, godmothers, friends who've got the greatest experiences caring for other people's children -- the ones that they didn't bring in this world, don't have to buy diapers for, and can return back to their parents once they do #2 -- and yet have the best time of their lives with these kids.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

PJ meets a friend

I thought I'd place a nice shot of my goddaughter PJ (left) and my friend's cute little Sunday Schooler toddler (right) in its raw form.  I was using George Michael (my Sony T5) which settings allowed to capture their hands in a blur in yellow and low lighting, but at least it didn't fail to capture their innocent expressions back at me. 

You see, before this, my goddaughter was having a lot of fun with her new friend.  He's so cute and such a hit with all the girls (including me!) 


skysenshi said...

Whose is this cute baby girl? :D

auntielicious said...

My goddaughter, PJ! ^_^

MamaMia said...

@cuz - she's the baby of our friend in Church. :)

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