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aunties, godmothers, friends who've got the greatest experiences caring for other people's children -- the ones that they didn't bring in this world, don't have to buy diapers for, and can return back to their parents once they do #2 -- and yet have the best time of their lives with these kids.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Styling for Nieces and Nephews (and Godsons and Goddaughters)

I started shopping for children this Christmas and could not resist buying clothes.  Here's one cute little number that I put together:
Light pink empire waist sleeveless top from SM, Baby bloomers from Erin et Vivien
Who said that prints shouldn't clash?  The rules changed especially when, as Tim Gunn would say, you "make it work."  Spring 2010 has a lot of clashing prints.  I think this one works especially with hot pink stockings and mint green Mary Janes.  

There are two things I consider when I buy clothes for my nieces and nephew (and also all inaanaks):
  1. They are cute and fashionable, and
  2. They still look like little kids
It seems that lately, a lot of clothes have been invented for kids so that they look like miniature versions of their parents or miniature versions of some adult celebrity or model.  While some of them really are fashionable, I just don't get the need for tube tops, halter tops, and high heels (especially for little girls.)  In my opinion, childhood is only there for awhile so there's really no sense hurrying growing up.

Here's another number for my niece:
Purple polka dot top from SM, Baby bloomers from Erin et Vivien, Knee high purple socks from SM
In this section, I chose baby bloomers with purple frills at the back to complement the purple top more. Although everything should work because pink and purple always go together.

Why have different flower printed socks with the polka dots?  In fashion, it seems, that as you grow older, you tend to be more minimalist with the prints.  My nieces just turned one.  They should get away with it better when for their age, fashion is supposed to be more fun!  (Plus, I take a cue from Strawberry Shortcake...cuteness!)

The boys shouldn't be left out too.  I've bought some gifts for my nephew and godson:
Toku T-Shirt from SM
Beverly Hills polo at SM

Same thing for the boys.  I thought that while they are kids, I should veer away from everything that makes them look all adult.  The Toku shirt is even very cheap (at around P200++) and features a lot of anime characters such as the Panda-Z.  Panda-Z is a very masculine character but not all too grown-up.  Little boys don't have to be that serious in their couture.

The orange polo shirt is just hot.  Here's where I get out of my 'kids fashion' philosophy.  This shirt is too classic and would add pogi points to an adult if a size were available for them.  I just had to get it!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting a new passport wasn't that bad (as before)

I have delayed much in getting my Philippine passport renewed.  I thought I still have enough time until I realized that it's only 5 more months until its expiration.  I had a green passport which was very special.  On my last two trips, I had to go to a special lane in all airports.  In Narita, they even had to pull a special computer just to verify me.  So moving from a green to a machine-readable passport is a must. 

Delayed trips happen when you procrastinate, but one of the main reasons why I kept putting it off was because of the horror story I had when I got mine ten years.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My nephew presents our harvested pepper!

My nephew was so proud with the pepper he harvested.  He watered it (or made sure somebody did!) so we went out to take a picture of Stingy, the harvested pepper.  (Stingy...stings.  He established that name after playing Plants vs. Zombies.)

Friday, November 19, 2010

A great gift for your daughter, niece or goddaughter

Erin et Vivien colored tutus

We've just recently launched Erin et Vivien, which consists of tutu dress skirts, baby bloomers (awesome ruffly diaper covers) and kimono shoes for little princesses.  These can be for babies (even newborns) or up to little girls aged 8!

It all started with a philosophy that little girls love to be little princesses and mommies and daddies would be delighted in dressing them up.  But at the same time, I don't think it's quite cool to hurry them up and dress them like they're teens.  Kids should still be kids.  It'd be great to treasure this moment so why hurry them up?  At the same time, skirts like these are fluffy and not-itchy -- kids' comfort were always top of mind.  It can be worn over leggings, high socks or even jeans!  Get creative with your little princess!

Friday, October 29, 2010

When the moon hits your eye like a big PIZZA pie...

That's amore!
Exactly what I felt when that huge pizza pie in the form of the Quattro Stagioni hit me here at Morgantina (formerly La Dolce Vita.)  In the middle of Las Pinas, the place seems unlikely but as you enter, it's completely like an Italian trattoria from the interiors to the inexpensive yet filling food. 

I wrote a full review about it on a local restaurant review site.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

auntielicious tries: Alamid Coffee

My friend Marga was around the Southern area and came for the sole purpose of trying "the caviar of coffee" after learning from it in her MBA class.  She told me it was called alamid coffee -- civet coffee -- because it the civet, an exotic cat, would eat the coffee cherries and after digesting them, would have these coffee beans in its droppings.  And yes, that was the content of this exotic and rare brew.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

PJ meets a friend

I thought I'd place a nice shot of my goddaughter PJ (left) and my friend's cute little Sunday Schooler toddler (right) in its raw form.  I was using George Michael (my Sony T5) which settings allowed to capture their hands in a blur in yellow and low lighting, but at least it didn't fail to capture their innocent expressions back at me. 

You see, before this, my goddaughter was having a lot of fun with her new friend.  He's so cute and such a hit with all the girls (including me!) 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Peek a Boo!

Peek a boo! I was thinking of what stuff to add today to this blog and then this photo came out.  My nephew was just a year old!  So cute!  I guess the rest of the content will be a surprise! 

I'm a PANK!

I just recently learned that I'm a PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids), which is actually quite fun to know that I'm part of an influential market segment.  Somebody knew this all along and didn't tell me!

I found that on a site called Savvy Auntie, of whose founder (Melanie Notkin), is someone I can relate to.  Aunties usually get the stereotype of being the old unkempt lady who will die alone in her dilapidated house with her cats.  Things have clearly changed.  (Manolos have replaced the cats!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just turning one!

Old classic photos of a picnic in Canada with my niece.  She was just turning one and a week right after was her birthday.  Just doing a collage of memories!  We went to the African lion safari here before the picnic.  Then a parade of elephants all linked together with their tails just walked by!  I thought that just happened in cartoons!

Captured via George Michael, my red Sony T5.  (Old, but I still like George Michael.)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Icky feet?

Well, this was us kidding around with my baby nephew's tangy smelling feet!  (It really is.)  But as you know (except for some very few exceptions), baby feet sweat can still be adorable until they're 2.

The above captured on my Macbook's Photo Booth!